To enable devices with superhuman sight and unlock the full potential of AI, device designers need to integrate advanced wide-angle optics with enhanced image processing and sensor fusion technology to augment sight with multi-sensory data. This is what Immervision's technology enables. No less. To clearly communicate to potential investors the disruptive nature of Immervision's offering, we invented a new terminology:  

Deep Seeing [dēp-sēiNG]: 

Deep Seeing enables smart devices with augmented vision. By capturing high quality visual and contextual data in new ways, it unlocks the potential of artificial intelligence. Like superhuman eyes for your smart device.

"The best business plan and investor presentation I have seen in twenty years." - Pascale Nini, CEO, Immervision.

Photography courtesy of CROSSCALL (TREKKER-X4 mobile powered by IMMERVISION's Panamorph technology)


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